Courteney Cox reacts to Prince Harry doing mushrooms at her home

His royal high-ness, indeed.

Courteney Cox wants the world to know that she was not the one who supplied Prince Harry with magic mushrooms – after he revealed that he once did the psychedelic at her pad.

“I’m not saying there were mushrooms!” the “Friends” alum, 58, told Variety in an interview published Monday. ”I definitely wasn’t passing them out.”

However, Cox did recall the Duke of Sussex, now 38, staying at her place for a few days.

“He’s a really nice person,” she said, adding that she recently ran into Harry at a mutual friend’s birthday party but didn’t say “hi.”

The “Cougar Town” alum also admitted that she hasn’t read Harry’s controversial memoir, “Spare,” but isn’t against it.

Prince harry in Germany.
Harry wrote about finding magic mushrooms in Cox’s fridge when he once partied at her pad.
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“I haven’t read the book. I do want to hear it, because I’ve heard it’s really entertaining,” she said, adding that the tidbit in his book about their encounter has “gotten back to [her.]”

In his memoir, Harry recalled tripping on mushrooms while attending a party at Cox’s abode. At the time, Harry claimed that he was told that Cox was “traveling, on a job” and didn’t mind if he stayed at her place.

Courteney Cox in a selfie in her kitchen.
Cox revealed that Harry was very nice.

“As a ‘Friends’ fanatic, the idea of crashing at Monica’s house was highly appealing,” he wrote, referring to her character from the sitcom.

But to Harry’s surprise, Cox showed up and invited over several people, with the evening turning into a full-on party.

Prince Harry in London in 2016.
Harry revealed in “Spare” that he had a crush on Cox.
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Copies of Prince Harry's book, "Spare."
He also addressed being a big fan of “Friends” in his memoir, “Spare.”
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“I was still confused because … she was Monica. And I was a Chandler,” Harry wrote, referring to Monica’s husband, portrayed by Matthew Perry, in the show.

Harry also admitted that he had a crush on the actress, writing, “I wondered if I’d ever work up the courage to tell her. Was there enough tequila in California to get me that brave?”

During the party, an unnamed actor allegedly brought him and his friend to Cox’s fridge where they discovered a box of “black diamond mushroom chocolates.”

Courteney Cox in a "The Routine" T-shirt.
The “Friends” alum has not yet read Harry’s memoir, despite being mentioned in it.
Prince Harry and Meghan Markle in 2018.
Harry married Meghan Markle in 2018.
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“My mate and I grabbed several, gobbled them, washed them down with tequila,” Harry wrote, before describing his hallucinations which included a trashcan transforming into a head. “I stepped on the pedal and the head opened its mouth. A huge open grin. I laughed.

Of course, Harry eventually got over his crush on Cox and fell for another actress, Meghan Markle. He and the 41-year-old “Suits” alum, who got married in May 2018, share two kids: Archie, 3, and Lilibet, 1.

Courteney Cox and Johnny McDaid  in a selfie.
Cox has been in a relationship with Johnny McDaid since 2013.

Meanwhile, Cox has been in a relationship with partner Johnny McDaid since 2013. She was previously married to David Arquette from 1999 to 2013, with whom she shares 18-year-old daughter Coco.

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