Farrah Abraham defends daughter, 14, getting multiple face piercings

Farrah Abraham defended her decision to allow daughter Sophia to get multiple face piercings as a 14th birthday gift.

The “Teen Mom” alum – who recently treated her teenager to a “piercing party” – said that while she used to be a “parent shamer” herself back in the day, she’s now more accepting.

“Parent Shamers I will always have a door open for you as I was once like you, I know what I’m not for and I know teen’s need a lot of compassion right now,” Abraham, 31, captioned an Instagram post Monday, addressing the backlash over her daughter’s snakebite lip piercings and ear piercings.

Abraham added that teens face much bigger issues, including underage sex and drinking, specifically calling out Sophia’s dad, Derek Underwood, who lost his life in a 2008 car accident.

“Allowing them to drink ( her dad died in a fatal car accident due to underage drinking) , having sex yet doesn’t even have a bank card / or line of credit ( I didn’t know the world, my health, nor the accountability & under age sex shaming) , experiment with life killing drugs ( how many teens have we seen dead due to fentanyl),” she went on.

Farrah Abraham with her daughter Sophia
Farrah Abraham defended her decision to allow daughter Sophia to get piercings.

“Right now Sophia is learning well-being, self love, mental health , sex Ed, drug education, Ada compliant education before actions go beyond her learning. So she is prepared for all that life brings her way.”

Sophia was quick to jump into the comments section to defend her reality star mom, writing, “The Legend OG has spoken 👏 mom your the best don’t stress 😂.”

Sophia getting a lip and ear piercing.
Sophia got lip and ear piercings.
TikTok/Farrah Abraham

Another person commented, “I truly feel like people shame others just to shame them. Everybody has different beliefs and different ways of being up their kids.”

A third person chimed in, “She has a point. My parents signed for my first piercing at 15. There are more things to worry about and everyone raises their children differently.”

Farrah Abraham's daughter, Sophia, getting piercings.
The 14-year-old also dyes her hair and has a nose piercing.
TikTok/Farrah Abraham

The post comes a few days after the former MTV personality documented Sophia’s birthday on Instagram.

“Six piercings later … you match your snake,” the proud mom captioned the clip, jokingly asking, “Can you even eat your cake?”

Farrah Abraham with her daughter, Sophia.
The former MTV star argued that piercings weren’t as bad as sex, drugs or underage drinking.

The “16 and Pregnant” alum previously came under fire for letting her mini-me dye her hair and get her nose pierced.

“I would rather it be by a professional, sanitized and clean, than my teen sneaking off and doing it herself and getting an infection,” she told TMZ in February 2022.

Sophia Abraham on the red carpet with Farrah Abraham
She gave birth to Sophia two months after the little one’s father was killed in a car crash.
Getty Images for MTV

Abraham, who also lets Sophia dye her hair, clarified at the time that she sees herself as more of a “loving parent” than a “cool mom.”

The “Couples Therapy” alum welcomed Sophia in February 2009, two months after Underwood’s fatal crash.

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