Tom Cruise debuts striking new look at Academy Awards luncheon

Tom Cruise debuted a suave new look at the Oscars luncheon Monday.

The “Top Gun: Maverick” actor rubbed shoulders with Hollywood’s elite at the star-studded event at The Beverly Hilton in Beverly Hills, but despite the myriad of big names packed into one lavish room, Cruise’s striking coif and skin tone were the first thing celebrities noticed.

Cruise sported a much deeper tan than he’s known for, and paired it with a longer hairstyle that fans aren’t used to seeing on him.

Marking his first red carpet appearance in eight months, 60-year-old Cruise turned heads with his floppy locks.

He opted for a midnight blue bespoke three-piece suit by Brioni, which he paired with a lilac patterned tie.

In fact, his new appearance was even pointed out by eagle-eyed fans, some of whom even poked fun at his tan.

Tom Cruise
The actor wore a dapper navy three-piece with black aviators in hand.

“Jamie Lee Curtis seeing Tom Cruise’s Trump-level spray tan up close,” tweeted one person alongside a snap of a shocked Jamie Lee Curtis embracing Cruise.

“Tom Cruise Spray Tan Dot Tumblr Dot Com,” another wrote.

The actor was seen mingling with nominees Curtis, Michelle Yeoh, Austin Butler, Angela Bassett, Steven Spielberg, Michelle Williams and Brendan Fraser at the event.

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Tom Cruise
Celebs noticed Cruise’s striking new appearance from the get-go, which featured a new haircut and a deeper tan.
Tom Cruise
Celebs noticed Cruise’s striking new appearance from the get-go, which featured a new haircut and a deeper tan.

Cruise was invited to support his latest installment of the “Top Gun” franchise released last summer — which scooped up a Best Picture nomination.

The actor was all smiles as he shook hands with the film’s producer, Jerry Bruckheimer, before posing for pictures with “Everything, Everywhere All at Once” star Ke Huy Quan.

After the pair snapped a pic together, Cruise was asked to partake in a group selfie, for which he insisted on moving over to a spot with better lighting, according to the New York Times.

Tom Cruise, Michelle Yeoh
Cruise rubbed shoulders with the Hollywood elite at the event, including Oscar-nominated actress Michelle Yeoh.
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Elsewhere at the lunch, Academy of Motion Pictures Arts and Sciences president Janet Yang spoke about last year’s disastrous event as a result of the infamous Will Smith “slapgate.”

The organization, which votes on nominees, winners and hosts of the annual ceremony, said it will be “fully transparent” in the future.

“I’m sure you all remember we experienced an unprecedented event at the Oscars,” she said, according to Variety.

“What happened onstage was fully unacceptable and the response from our organization was inadequate.”